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CloudWatch Dashboards (Beta)

New instances include an optional system metrics dashboard powered by AWS CloudWatch. The dashboard provides a near real-time and historical view into the utilization of the following metrics:

  • CPU
  • Disk space
  • Memory

Instances publish data at 5-minute intervals as part of AWS EC2's "standard" monitoring feature. However, it is possible to enable "detailed" monitoring at an additional cost per server (contact us for details).

CloudWatch Dashboards are free during the beta, and pricing is expected to be very reasonable post-beta. We'd like your feedback on the following areas:

  • Preference on authenticated dashboards (email/password) vs. publicly shareable links
  • Other metrics you'd like to see in the dashboard (from other services too?)
  • Consolidated widgets vs. one widget per each instance

To request access, please create a help desk ticket. 

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