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Pricing Changes for Legacy Database Instances

Effective January 1, 2021, pricing for legacy database instances will change as follows:

1. Price per instance will decrease to match the equivalent non-database legacy virtual machine price. Examples:

Subscription NameOld PriceNew Price
High Performance
Ultra High Performance

2. A storage fee of $0.06 per GB will be charged for hourly, daily, and weekly database backups stored in S3.

3. No storage fee will be charged for monthly database backups stored in AWS Glacier. There will be a Glacier backup retrieval charge of $0.02 per GB for standard retrieval (backup available in 3-5 hours) and $0.06 per GB for expedited retrieval (backup available in 1-5 minutes).

If you have any questions about the potential impact to your monthly bill, please refer to your most recent invoice for billing contact information.