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Capture Logs and APM Data with the Elastic Stack (Beta)

We now support Elastic's powerful data storage and visualization stack. Pricing starts at $223 per month plus 70 cents per GB of data storage. 

Stack Details

As part of this offering, we install and configure Elastic's Filebeat log collector on any server instance that you specify.

Pricing Details

Our starter configuration ($223 per month) consists of a single endpoint mounted to a storage system that is replicated across multiple availability zones and is backed up daily. A higher service availability configuration, which typically eliminates any downtime due to maintenance or node failure, consists of a 3-node cluster ($669 per month). 

Storage is dynamic, growing over time, and is priced at 70 cents per GB of data storage. Elasticsearch includes an "Index Lifecycle Management" (ILM) feature that can be leveraged to automatically prune older data sets and keep your storage costs in check.

If you are interested in this solution or have any questions, please create a help desk ticket.