Healthcare Blocks can enable SFTP functionality on an existing or new server. SFTP is FTP tunneled through SSH.


Your FTP server has two types of users - administrators and external users.

By default, you are an administrator, and you will use your SSH key to connect. You can also use the SCP command to retrieve files.

External users, on the other hand, will use the SFTP command (or a desktop FTP app) to transfer files, example: sftp user@ip_address

Creating New FTP Users

ssh username@ip_address
cd /data/scripts/
sudo ./create_ftp_user

Where Files are Stored

Your FTP server uses a Linux concept known as CHROOT to physically isolate each FTP user to a specific part of the filesystem. Thus, it is impossible for one user to access another user’s data. The exception, of course, is the server admin user (deploy) which can access the entire filesystem via SSH and SCP protocols.

User-specific files are located in user-named subdirectories under /data/sftp_chroot/users/.

How to Enable Filesystem Backups

Please refer to this article for guidance.

Please create a ticket if you'd like to add FTP functionality to an existing or new server.