Viewing Application Logs

Dokku application logs are accessible via a command line interface, directly on the server, or on your local machine if you've installed the Dokku Client.

Tailing application log for a specific application:

dokku logs my-app -t

Viewing the last 100 lines of the log:

dokku logs my-app -n 100

Viewing Nginx Logs

Nginx is used as a reverse proxy that routes traffic to Dokku app containers. Nginx logs can be found in the /var/log/nginx directory.

Viewing Archived Logs

Application logs are automatically moved to S3 for permanent storage. See Accessing Archived Logs for details.

Add-on: Elastic Stack

If you are looking for a more sophisticated solution for accessing and searching application logs, we also offer a dedicated stack consisting of Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Filebeat. See this announcement for details.