PHP - Deploying phpMyAdmin

Dokku can be used to deploy almost any kind of application. This example shows how to deploy the popular phpMyAdmin project, which has an official Docker image.

Since Dokku uses a reverse proxy and virtual host naming, it's possible to deploy phpMyAdmin alongside your other application(s) and use a DNS subdomain to access it. Just be sure your application server is large enough to support the additional CPU and memory usage.

Create a Deployable Project

On your local development machine, create a new directory and inside it, add a file named exactly Dockerfile, with the following contents:

FROM phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin

Now initialize a Git repo and commit the file:

git init
git add .
git commit -am 'initial commit'

Configuring the App on Your Server

Connect to the server and create your app(s):

dokku apps:create phpmyadmin

Set environment variables that will be used by the phpMyAdmin app:

dokku config:set phpmyadmin KEY=VALUE

At the minimum, you will need to set the following keys:

  • PMA_HOST - set to the host address of the database service provided to you by Healthcare Blocks
  • PMA_USER - desired username for phpMyAdmin
  • PMA_PASSWORD - desired password for phpMyAdmin

Deploy your App

Deploying via Git to a Dokku Server

Next Steps