Dokku can be used to deploy almost any kind of application. This example shows how to deploy the popular phpMyAdmin project, which has an official Docker image.

Since Dokku uses a reverse proxy and virtual host naming, it's possible to deploy phpMyAdmin alongside your other application(s) and use a DNS subdomain to access it. Just be sure your application server is large enough to support the additional CPU and memory usage.

Create a Deployable Project

On your local development machine, create a new directory and inside it, add a file named exactly Dockerfile, with the following contents:

FROM phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin

Now initialize a Git repo and commit the file:

git init
git add .
git commit -am 'initial commit'

Configuring the App on Your Server

Connect to the server and create your app(s):

dokku apps:create phpmyadmin

Set environment variables that will be used by the phpMyAdmin app:

dokku config:set phpmyadmin KEY=VALUE

At the minimum, you will need to set the following keys:

  • PMA_HOST - set to the host address of the database service provided to you by Healthcare Blocks
  • PMA_USER - desired username for phpMyAdmin
  • PMA_PASSWORD - desired password for phpMyAdmin

Deploy your App

Deploying via Git to a Dokku Server

Next Steps