Mirth Connect is an HL7 integration engine that is compatible with the Healthcare Blocks platform. You can download the official user guide here.

Connecting to Mirth Connect

Admin access to your Mirth Connect installation is restricted to an IP address access list. If you need to include additional addresses, for your team or external trading partners, please create a help desk ticket.

The admin interface is available on port 8443. If you connect using your machine's IP address, you will see a browser warning. Bypass the warning to display the login screen. We recommend adding your own subdomain-specific SSL certificate to prevent the above warning. Further, the Lets Encrypt free SSL service can be leveraged for this purpose. Please contact us for assistance.

Clicking the Launch Mirth Connect Administrator button will attempt to connect you to the server. Initially, this action will download a Java app. Depending on your desktop platform, you might need to install the latest version of Java from the official Java downloads page.

The default username and password for the login screen is admin and admin. This should be changed immediately for security purposes.

We strongly recommend that you create a unique user for every member of your team and external trading partner.

Next Steps

You'll need to define one or more "channels" which enable Mirth Connect to listen to specific interfaces/ports for inbound data. For example, the TCP Listener monitors port 6661. However, it's critical that PHI and other sensitive data are not transmitted in the clear over these ports. Often, this involves establishing an SSH tunnel or using our VPN service between your Mirth server and endpoints. 

If you plan on exposing an HTTPS channel, a local copy of Nginx is included in order to be able to encrypt transmission of data using TLS (SSL). However, it requires us to update a local configuration file once you've defined your channel in Mirth.

If you need assistance with these tasks, please create a help desk ticket.