Your Healthcare Blocks virtual machine* includes a lightweight monitoring tool - cAdvisor - developed by Google. It collects metrics about CPU, memory, and disk usage at the virtual machine and container level. It also provides a built-in Web interface for viewing the data through a Web browser. 

By default, only the last 10 minutes of metrics are collected and displayed. This time frame tends to be sufficient when observing your app during and after a deployment. It also does not bog down your machine. Other internal Healthcare Blocks monitoring tools collect up to 2 weeks of system metrics in case you need our help to diagnose issues that occurred further back. See our Monitoring protocols page.

The cAdvisor Web interface is not exposed to the outside world, so you'll need to create an SSH tunnel on your local machine, mapped to the port being used (1234) for this service. Here's how:

ssh -gN -L 1234:localhost:1234 SSH_USERNAME@SERVER_ADDRESS

where SSH_USERNAME and SERVER_ADDRESS are the values provided to you by Healthcare Blocks after the machine was provisioned.

Now fire up your Web browser and go to http://localhost:1234.

On the Overview page, you'll see dials representing the various metrics being tracked. You'll also see a list of current processes that are sortable by clicking the various column headings. At the top of this page, you'll notice a "Docker Containers" link in blue. Clicking this link will allow you to drill down into each Docker-based container and view its metrics.

To close the tunnel, just terminate the SSH connection (crtl + c). If you need to connect to more than one machine at a time, fire up a separate console and run the tunnel command shown above, changing the first 1234 to a different value, e.g. 1235. That value can be any unused port on your local machine and is the same value you plug into http://localhost:[port number] in your browser.

Other Monitoring Options

Dedicated third-party monitoring solutions are feature rich and can extend our basic monitoring functionality. Options we've vetted and can support include:

In addition, for larger customer environments, we can stand up a dedicated Prometheus cluster. There is no additional cost for this service, other than the cost of the hardware it runs on.

Monitoring Your Applications

If you need Healthcare Blocks to monitor a specific URL associated with your application, please create a help desk ticket. Alerts go to our internal DevOps team only.

Services such as Uptime Robot provide a free tier and can monitor your URLs from multiple locations.

*Currently limited to Debian / Ubuntu based virtual machines.