Service Level Agreement


Platform uptime is dependent on the availability of Amazon Web Services infrastructure and whether you have selected a high availability configuration for your environment. High availability configurations generally can meet 99.99% uptime requirements.

Technical Support                        

Healthcare Blocks strives to maintain the following target response and resolution times for support issues created in the help desk system, excluding US holidays.

Incident PriorityResponse TimeResolution Time
Urgent< 1 hour< 4 hours
High< 4 hours< 12 hours
Medium< 8 hours< 24 hours
Low< 24 hours< 168 hours

Issue Reporting 

Any issues should be reported by you (or an individual you have authorized as a technical contact during account creation) using the Healthcare Blocks help desk ticketing system. Many technical solutions are documented in the help desk’s knowledge base, and it is highly recommended to consult those topics first before creating a new ticket. To reduce the threat of social engineering and for auditing purposes, support is only offered online; support is not available over the phone or through SMS messages.