Security Patching

To satisfy compliance and security requirements, Healthcare Blocks periodically updates system libraries and software packages in virtual machines running supported operating systems when security patches are available in official software repositories. This page provides more details about the patching process.

Supported Operating Systems
- Amazon Linux 2
- Ubuntu 18 through 22
- Windows Server 2019 and 2022
If you don't see your operating system version on this list, create a support ticket to schedule an upgrade.

Patching Schedule
To minimize disruption and performance impact, virtual machines are automatically patched on Saturdays, applying any security update categorized with a CVSS severity of "high" or lower. Critical patches, on the other hand, are applied during the week as they become available and might require manual intervention by Healthcare Blocks.

Rebooting Schedule
Certain types of patches require the virtual machine to be rebooted in order to take effect. Reboots are usually scheduled for Saturday evenings, starting as early as 6pm PT/9pm ET.

Opting Out of Automated Reboots
To temporarily opt out from a weekend reboot, create a support ticket, and Healthcare Blocks will disable the next event and coordinate with you on a manual reboot action. To permanently opt out from automated reboots, you will need to be responsible for handling server reboots when they are required. Please contact Healthcare Blocks Support for details.