OpenVPN Access Server

An OpenVPN Access Server provides an encrypted, single point of entry to AWS EC2 instances and other services. Developers can access resources using internal private network addresses instead of having to expose them to the public Internet.

Administering Your OpenVPN Access Server
A default administrative user was created for your VPN server. This user should be used to manage access for other users and administer VPN settings but not for daily connections to your AWS resources.

End User Access
For every organizational user that needs network access to AWS resources, an administrator should create an OpenVPN user account. Then the user must go to the OpenVPN endpoint and download the pre-configured client.

Purchasing Additional Licenses
Depending on the initial license, your OpenVPN Access Server has two or more included concurrent user licenses. You can purchase additional licenses directly from OpenVPN and apply them in the OpenVPN administrative interface. See this page for details.

OpenVPN Access Server Documentation