Healthcare Blocks Annual Discount Plan

Save 10% on monthly compute-related costs by committing to an annual contract without any upfront payments.

How It Works

1. For any managed server in your account, choose a 12 month payment commitment.

2. The compute-related costs of the server are reduced by 10% on your monthly bill.

3. Contracts automatically renew at the end of their obligation date.

What are compute-related costs?

Compute-related costs include the daily costs of operating the server, excluding disk storage (EBS, EFS), extrapolated to a monthly total. For example, a t3.medium server with 100 GB of storage costs $127 per month but only $92 of that amount represents compute-related costs.

What if I resize my server during the contract period?

The remainder of the contract period is carried over to the new server.

What if I terminate my server during the contract period?

You have the option of transferring the contract to another server that does not have an existing discount plan. Otherwise, you are responsible for paying 75% of the remainder of the contracted obligation.


The compute-related costs of an m5.large server cost $211 per month. By purchasing a 12- month contract, the monthly cost is reduced to $189.90 and results in a potential savings of $253.20 over the contract period.

Eight months into the contract, the m5.large server is upsized to an m5.xlarge, which normally costs $422 per month. The discounted monthly price for the remaining four months is $379.80.

If the m5.xlarge was terminated at the end of month 10 of the 12-month contract, a total of $569.70 (75% of $759.60, the remainder of the contract) would be charged to your account, unless the contract is transferred to another server.

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